I just wanted to share my thrill at a recent healing I experienced. I had been suffering from a tingling sensation in my hands and fingers for a few months and it was waking me up in the middle of the night. A most unpleasant sensation as if they were throbbing.
I was away for the weekend with some friends who I have known for a long time. My friend Alastair, a Christian, is a semi retired GP and I happened to mention my problem to him. He quickly diagnosed the issue as Carpel Tunnel Syndrome which I had heard of but didn’t know anything about. He explained that this was something to do with nerves being trapped in my wrists. I had previously received prayer for other illnesses but never really experienced anything significant as far as healing was concerned. I had also prayed with other people for healing but again with not much recorded success. I do believe that God heals but I suppose I had become a little disillusioned. Alastair offered to pray for me there and then and I was keen to accept the offer. He prayed a very simple prayer just asking God to mend the nerves/syndrome. I didn’t really feel anything unusual in the way of tingling or heat or anything but I did feel a gentle sense of peace and that it was not up to me to do anything but just to trust in God in a very easy way.
I am delighted to say that I have not suffered any symptoms since (about 6 weeks now) and am continuing to rejoice in a full healing.
Gordon Whitfield.