In a meeting on zoom I realised I had an abscess on the left hand side of my mouth. I asked if the guys would pray for me. As they prayed, I felt the abscess actually reduce in size until all I had was a raised lump. When I started to worship I felt the Holy Spirit touch my right hand side but thought no more of it. After the meeting, the abscess burst and by the morning my mouth was completely well!

I had my gallbladder out 10 weeks ago and I was having great distress eating and doing general things . The following morning after the prayer, I walked down to the Exchange to work. Excitingly, whereas normally I would get lots of discomfort and distress within hours, I didn’t have any! I’ve been able to eat things normally and I’ve almost completely come off my Buscopan. So I’m now about 90% healed.

Jesus not only healed my mouth, He healed my side and healed the distress in my gallbladder area. Thank you Jesus!


Sylvia's testimony